January 16

Happy Birthday to the Award-winning Singer, Ronnie Milsap

Do you have a clear picture of what you really wanted to do when you were a child? All of us went through that stage, wherein we imagine the things that we wanted to do once we grow up. Further, we also love role-playing, I guess that’s the nature of a child. In addition, other children show what they really want at an early age, especially, if they show interest in the things that they want to do in the future. Just like our birthday celebrator who showed early signs that he wanted to be a music artist. Once you are certain on what you really want to do, the problem now is putting it into action. It takes a lot of courage for a person to pursue their dreams, but just like Ronnie Milsap, you can do it.

The Versatile Country Artist

He was born on January 16, 1943 from a humble farming family. This artist is blind at birth, but his disability did not stop him in pursuing his dreams. Further, he showed a great potential in music when he was seven. In addition, he mastered playing the piano when he was fourteen. This artist rose to fame in 1963 and he has become successful since then. I hope that you did not forget Ronnie Milsap who is also a multiple Grammy Award-winning country singer.

Happy Birthday to the Award-winning Singer, Ronnie Milsap 1
Photo Credits: Ronnie Milsap Official Home Page

The Living Legacy of the Award-winning Singer

If we love someone, most of us will do anything to win them back no matter what happens. Hence, this is a common theme in most of the great songs that we have today. I don’t know, but sometimes this kind of hits helps us to be motivated in life. An example of such hit is the one called “Smoky Mountain Rain” from Ronnie Milsap.  Since it’s his birthday today, let’s go ahead and enjoy this great masterpiece that he created.



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