December 20

Sing “Happy Birthday Jesus” with Alabama

Simple songs are often the best. They carry with them basic yet overlooked truths. Take “Happy Birthday Jesus” for example. It may have simple wording but there is depth to it. Let us dive in.

In the first stanza, the narrator mused on how Christmas has fast approached with all the decors and lights. With it, is an indication that another year is to be wrapped up. Hence, the narrator remembered all the help he got from Jesus and was grateful.

Still, in his thoughts, he ponders how Christmas today fixates on material accumulation and less of its original purpose. It was supposed to be a remembrance of Jesus’ birth and of thanksgiving for everything he has done.

Consequently, he laments that lack of focus and purpose on our part.

Carrying on his musings, he notes the presents we prepare for each other. Every year, we see to it that we do not miss giving one. But what about Jesus? What gifts should he receive? Besides thanksgivings, can you also offer him something close to his heart? As for the narrator, it is love expressed in a song.

Here. Have a listen to it. It will be worth your while.

“Happy Birthday Jesus” by Alabama

Thank you, Alabama for bringing us this Christmas tune. Pure good stuff you have here. It may be a slight diversion from the merry singing common in most Christmas albums, but it is the kind worth keeping. Not only that we enjoy listening to the melody, we also appreciate the moving message.


Happy Birthday Jesus first appeared on Alabama’s album called Christmas, Volume II in 1996. The tune was composed by J.P Pennington and Teddy Gentry. Being reflective in its mood, said tune has a fair amount of plays and downloads on web-based music players like Spotify and Last.Fm.


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