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Country Music Royalty Hank Williams III Sings like his Forebears

Hank Williams III
Hank Williams III / KOKE FM

Hank Williams III was already a country music royalty before he ever sang a note. As the son of Hank Jr., and the grandson of Hank Williams, musical inclination became natural to him. However, he didn’t immediately follow the genre of his forebears. The outlaw spirit of his lineage made him decide to bang around the Southeast with his drums in punk and hardcore combos. He was also known as a notorious weed smoker before he pursued his career in country music.

Hank III caught major attention when he performed “Lovesick Blues” and “Moanin’ the Blues,” at the Grand Ole Opry. If you try to just close your eyes, and listen to his voice, you might also think you’re listening to Hank Williams Sr. In fact, Minnie Pearl, a friend of Hank Sr., was astonished by the younger Hank’s striking voice resemblance, and said “Lord, honey, you’re a ghost.” His rendition was remarkable and absolutely worth a listen or two. Why not make it three? Remarkably, it was during the Opry opening that Hank Sr. mad his most appreciated performance of the timeless hit.

Hank Williams Sr
Hank Williams Sr. / Lone Star Music

“Lovesick Blues”

Hank Sr. first performed “Lovesick Blues” during his first appearance on Louisiana Hayride in 1948. The positive reception from the audience encouraged him to record the track. After its release, it quickly reached number one on Billboard’s Top C&W singles. Also, it peaked at number 24 on the Most Played in Jukeboxes list.

MGM records named it as the top country-western record of the year, and the “Best Hillbilly Record of the Year” for Cashbox.

Originally, the song’s title was “I’ve Got the Lovesick Blues,” written by Irving Mills and Cliff Friend on the music composition. The original performance is credited to Anna Chandler in Oh! Ernest, a Tin Pan Alley musical.

Moanin’ the Blues

The song is popularly known as one of the two songs featuring Williams Sr. working with drums. The other track is “Kaw Liga.” Also, he released a studio album of the same title in 1952. As expected, it topped the Billboard Hot Country Single, and many other artists went on to cover the songs.

Watch the must-see performance of Hank Williams III below. God bless your day!

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