December 28

What Could Hank’s Treasures Be That Heaven Holds?

The more I dig into Hank Williams Sr.’s old gospel tracks, the more I see why he was one of the most important musicians of all time. While his songs were mostly sad, he wrote and sang them all beautifully.

Let’s hear his take on heavenly treasures. Could it be about mansions, street of gold, or pearly gates? Listen to find out.

“Heaven Holds All My Treasures” by Hank Williams

Did you guess it right? If not, that’s okay. You are not alone. Though I was not even thinking of treasures in material form, I was still wrong in my assumption that the treasure was pertaining to your daily meeting with God. Nevertheless, another song from the Drifter that is worth your keep.


Just as they are significant now, sacred songs were close to people’s heart in the 1900’s.  The first Williams knew about that. That explains his way of titling his gospel compositions.

In Heaven Holds My Treasures, he rightly pointed one of the considered treasures in heaven’s economy.

That would be loved ones who went ahead of us. However, he specifically singled out his lover as his treasure. He could have had much wealth and possessions on earth, but they will not give him happiness. There could only be real joy in his life once he is reunited with his woman.

The sentiment was well expressed without sacrificing creativity in its lyrical composition. That shows Hank Williams Sr. could have offered us more with his talents had we not lost him early.


  1. Did you know that the late Hanks Williams recorded five singles that were released posthumously?
  2. His backup band was called The Drifting Cowboys. Several members were hired back by his daughter, Jett Williams when she set out to be a singer also.


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