October 29

Check Out Hank Williams’ Rare Performance of “Cold, Cold Heart”

If we have to define what traditional, classic country music is, Hank Williams will surely be on its definition. Many traditionalists and country music fans do honor Williams as one of the most iconic and influential country music artists of all time. And, there’s no more arguing with that because he truly is an icon and legend. Unfortunately, we have lost him at such a young age. At the age of 29, he left his family and the country music family mourning. But more than that, he left us with the gift of music, and this will forever be played all throughout.

Hank Williams’ Rare Performance of “Cold, Cold Heart”

In rare footage, Williams brilliantly delivers one of his country-pop hits, “Cold, Cold Heart.” This specific performance was on The Kate Smith Evening Hour show held on April 23, 1952. As he belts out the tune, he stuns the audience with his breathtaking performance. Prior to him singing the song, he introduced the song and thanked the crowd for contributing to its success. He said;

“I’ve got a song here that I’d like to do that has been awful kind for me and the boys. It’s bought us quite a few beans and biscuits. This is the best song we’ve ever had…financially. A little tune called ‘Cold, Cold Heart’.”

In addition, the vibe while watching this video in black and white will bring you back memories.

The B&W video. The performance. The voice. Hank Williams.

These things are very nostalgic, and they exude the longing of going back in the past. Nevertheless, we are thankful for copies of videos like these because we still enjoy the performances of some of the great artists.

Watch Hank Williams’ stunning live performance of his infamous “Cold, Cold Heart:”

Hank Williams and His “Cold, Cold Heart”

One of the best known traditional country music artists, Hank Williams, was not just a singer, he was also a talented songwriter and musician. In fact, he is considered as one of the most influential singers of the 20th century. Throughout his career, Williams recorded 35 singles that charted him atop the Billboard Country and Western Best Sellers Charts. Among these chart-topping hits, 11 made it to number one.

Recorded in 1951, “Cold, Cold Heart” was one of Williams hits that skyrocketed to the top. In addition, as he mentioned in the footage, this song was one of the most successful songs he had especially in financial terms.


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