October 29

Hank Williams’ Sense of Humor Surfaced in “Move It On Over”


Country music traditionalists sure know Hank Williams’ music very well. And had the legend not died too early, he would have recorded more songs we’d all love to listen to. But despite his short musical journey, he left a legacy that’s truly impactful. Williams’ talents in singing and songwriting are facts. Most of Williams’ successful records focused on the theme of love. But in his 1947 record “Move It On Over,” the singer was able to put a humorous spin on his real-life struggles. The song, reaching No. 4 on the chart, earned the “I Saw the Light” singer his first major hit.

“Move It On Over:” A Love Song with a Twist

A man who comes home late at night and was forced by his wife to sleep in the doghouse is basically what the song is all about. Williams wrote and recorded it in 1947 after signing with MGM. To some extent, the song epitomized Williams’ strange talent to amusingly deliver the facets of life not usually heard on the radio, but many listeners would find relatable.

The American fiddler Jerry Rivers would later recall that Williams’ novelty songs

“..weren’t novelty – they were serious, not silly, and that’s why they were much better accepted and better selling.’Move It on Over’ hits right home, ’cause half of the people he was singing to were in the doghouse with the ol’ lady.”

“Move It On Over” is considered an early example of rock and roll music. However, it became a massive hit under the country music genre. Apart from giving the “Lovesick Blues” singer his first charting single, its success also earned him a spot on the Louisiana Hayride show.

Williams’ participation in the radio show further propelled him to wider popularity. Eventually, he became a host to a show on KWKH and began touring across Louisiana and eastern Texas.

Listen to Hank Williams’ recording of “Move It On Over” below.


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