September 26

Hank Williams III ‘Revives’ Grandfather’s Music with Howlin’ At the Moon

We all know how much talent and musical entertainment the late Hank Williams Sr. has brought into the industry of country music when he was still alive. After his tragic and mysterious death in 1953, fans still miss the legendary country artist up to this very day.

Some might even wish for the impossible and exclaim their desire to watch the late singer perform for one last time. But we all know that life simply doesn’t work that way.

Thankfully, Hank Williams Sr. left a generation that inherited his musical gift as well as his passion and pure love for performing. He may have departed our world too soon, but he made he sure he left us with people who will continue his legacy.

As a matter of fact, his grandson, Hank Williams III recently made jaws drop and touched the aching hearts of many Hank Williams fans when he performed his own rendition of Howlin at the Moon. In a pleasantly surprising number, Hank III clearly exhibits the origin of his innate singing gift. He even dons an ensemble vividly inspired by his late grandfather. Letting go of his usual rock-ish vibe, he serenades with his acoustic guitar and casts a spell of nostalgia to all fans.

The moment he sang the first lines of the song, he made heads turn with a voice that sounded strikingly similar to that of his grand dad’s. Howlin’ at the Moon was one of Hank Sr.’s biggest hits. It was released in 1951, and it speaks of celebrating the sugary sweetness of true love. It rose to the number 3 spot on the Billboard charts.

Maintaining the upbeat and positive melody of the song, Hank III earns cheers and approval from the crowd. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and his dad, he aims to produce real country music.

Fans have repeatedly remarked his resemblance to his grandfather, and now it is clear that Hank II got more than just the looks from his legendary granddad.

Check out the video of his performance below:



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