November 6

Paying Tribute to Country Music Hall of Fame Member Hank Thompson

The Golden Years of Hank Thompson

Henry William Thompson, or Hank Thompson, was born in Waco, Texas. And, it was apparent in the early ages of his life that he was interested in music. He got into playing the harmonica early and won several amateur competitions. Thompson had a stint in the United States Navy in World War II, before deciding to pursue his passion in life – music.

Hank Thompson was a trailblazer in the honky-tonk Western swing scene. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1989. That is considered a big part of country music history. He greatly influenced many artists that followed suit including his fellow Texan, George Strait.

His musical style was a mixture of fiddles, electric and steel guitar. And it did justice in featuring his distinct smooth baritone vocals. During his tenure, he had his loyal backing band with him. The backing band was called “The Brazos Valley Boys,” which also won several awards in their career. They were consistently voted as the top Country Western Band for 14 years in a row by Billboard.

One of his most notable songs includes “The Wild Side of Life,” “Humpty Dumpty Heart” and “Soft Lips.”

Come and listen to the amazing Hank Thompson here!

Later Years

In early October of 2007, Thompson already had to cancel several tour dates because he got hospitalized. His last concert was in the 8th of October, in his native Waco, Texas, when the governor of Texas and the mayor of Waco declared it as ‘Hank Thompson Day.’

On November 6th, he died at his home near Fort Worth, Texas, following a battle with lung cancer.

Thompson performed well into his 80’s. He has performed across the globe.  He continued to record and tour well into the 21st century, spanning his career into a well-lived seven decades. In it, he produced multiple hit songs, an autobiography entitled “My Side of Life,” and a permanent place in the hearts of all country fans.


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