If things don’t go well with your plans, then let your momma’s Bible and a bus ticket bring you home.

CDBaby.com/ Hank Grant/ His 2007 album cover.

Owing to the memory of him leaving his Oklahoma home, here’s Hank Grant, a local performer making rounds in Nashville. Here’s to hoping he’ll make it big soon.

A Bible and a Bus Ticket Home – Hank Grant

What’s in a Song

For parents, seeing your kids come of age and the prospect of parting with them soon can really be disconcerting.  Still, you have to let them blaze their own trail to begin a life on their own.  But before they bid you goodbye, you’ll want to send them your wise counsels to help them navigate their ways.

That’s what a mother did for her son in Collin Raye’s A Bible and a Bus Ticket Home. The Bible, she counsels, will keep her son on the right track. But if he’s unable to find fulfillment on the road he’s chosen, his parents will welcome him back home.

Chart Performance

Written by Nashville’s favorite songsmiths Craig Michael Wiseman and James Dean Hicks, A Bible and a Bus Ticket Home was the 5th track in Collin Raye’s 1994 album, Extremes. The said album had four of Raye’s Top Ten hit singles namely “Man of My Word,” “If I Were You,” “My Kind of Girl” and “Little Rock.”

Raye successfully made Extremes lived up to its name as more than a million copies were sold. The album was Platinum certified and reached 12th on U.S Billboard Top Country Albums.

Other Notable Cover/s

In 1998, Southern Rock band Confederate Railroad included  A Bible and a Bus Ticket Home on their album Keep On Rockin’.

The band posing for their album cover.

                                                                                        Amazon.com /Confederate Railroad/ The band posing for their album cover.

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