November 16

The Late Hank Asks, “How Can You Refuse Him Now?”

There is no denying that Hank Williams Sr. was not only a hardcore country music proponent. He also had a quaint taste for the kind of gospel songs he would sing. Though not the religious sort in his adulthood, he esteemed them sacred and deserving of wholehearted interpretation from a singer. Such was his way in “How Can You Refuse Him Now,” not to mention, he wrote it himself.


Besides a description of Jesus’ crucifixion pertaining to the nails in his hands, the blood that flowed, and the cross, Hank highlighted Jesus’ emotional state while in the midst of an agonizing pain. Having made sin before the eyes of His Holy Father God after becoming a man’s substitute, he was forsaken by both his Father and his friends, thereby, dying alone. He had every reason to leave us be and face our judgments, but he chose to take our punishment in our stead. Having pointed toes, he then chides by asking the forenamed question.

Sadly, the horde we have our senses dulled by much materialism and earthly cares that we have no inclination on anything spiritual much less be concerned about our soul’s grand end. We may hear the gospel preached multiple times, but our hearts could still remain cold as and stiff like ice.

Having been self-reliant and independent for a long time, we could not imagine ourselves needing a savior. Unless God’s Spirit moves, no amount of admonition about declining Jesus offer of salvation could convince us. Notwithstanding, if we find ourselves depending on Jesus now, then let us be thankful. Not primarily because we’re spared from the penalty of our wrongdoing, but more on Jesus possessing such great love to make the ultimate sacrifice just so he could have us back.

“How Can You Refuse Him Now?” as Sung by the late Hank Williams Sr.


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