July 9

“Jesus Remembered Me”: A Hank and Audrey Williams Duet

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We are all sinful beings. We commit sins intentionally and unintentionally. Sometimes we want to change but we find it difficult to do it. We don’t know where to begin, and we even fear that God may not forgive us for all from what we did. However, God is not like us. God is a forgiving father. He will never forsake us despite all the things we did. God promised that He will always love us and care for us, all we have to do it reach out to Him and call His name.

“Jesus Remembered Me”: Hank Williams and Connie Smith Cover

Hank Williams and his first wife Audrey Williams performed the song “Jesus Remembered Me.” Hank Williams wrote the song and released it in 1949. Aside from the original version “Jesus Remembered Me,” it was also covered by Connie Smith in 1975 for her album Connie Smith Sings Hank Williams Gospel. This album contained covered songs written mostly by Hank Williams. In Connie’s album she also included the popular song of Hank “I Saw the Light.” Other songs in Connie’s album are, “Home in Heaven,” “Jesus Is Calling,” “House of Gold,” and “Jesus Dies for Me.”

The Song’s Content

Jesus remembers all of us. There is no one that God doesn’t know. He knows us all personally, even what will happen to us in the future, Jesus knows. Jesus is always willing to help us turn away from all our sins. He always forgives us even if we did something terrible and unforgivable in the eyes of others. We are all precious in the eyes of the Lord. Just like the narrator who was once blinded by the truth and was going through tough times, Jesus helped him. Now he is happy and free by just knowing and accepting Jesus. In return, he praised God for all the things He did.

Let us never forget that we have a forgiving and loving God.

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