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This Stuart Hamblen Hymn Proudly Declares God’s Omnipotence

This Stuart Hamblen Hymn Proudly Declares God’s Omnipotence 1
Stuart Hamblen | Photo credit: Youtube

God is able. God is mighty. He is the alpha and omega. With God, nothing is impossible. These are only a few of the phrases we often say, hear, or read about God’s capability. The same thought can be found as well in many hymns or gospel songs. Perhaps, the hymn that puts much emphasis on God’s power in making things happen is the one called “It Is No Secret (What God Can Do).” And for us to be reminded with that, let’s look at the hymn’s history below.

Story Behind the Writing of the Song

Regarded as one of radio’s first “singing cowboys,” Stuart Hamblen wrote the hymn. He took inspiration from his own life-changing experience. Prior to this, he was known to be exhibiting destructive behavior that led him to jail many times.

Thanks to Billy Graham who was instrumental to this spiritual transformation in 1949. The late Graham attended Hamblen’s show and he invited him late to attend his crusade. He accepted the invitation and that further led to the eventual commitment of his life to Christ. This event became a widely-spread rumor throughout Hollywood. It reached Hamblen’s friend, John Wayne, who later contacted him to confirm the matter. Hamblen replied that it is no secret what God had done for him. He added that He could do the same for his friend. In response, Wayne urged Hamblen to turn those lines into a song. It’s good that he listened to his advice and that’s the birth of the hymn we know today, “It Is No Secret (What God Can Do).”

Since then, the song has been recorded many times by various artists including Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Below is the hymn’s rendition from Jim Reeves.

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