November 2

Get Your Halloween Doze with These Chilly Country Songs

Are you someone who’s somewhat super enthusiastic during Halloween and can’t believe the spooky season already over? Well, you’re in luck, because country music doesn’t fall short of songs that will run a chill up your spine. Here are 5 country songs that will accentuate your love for all things spooky, creepy, and downright goosebump-worthy.

1. Eric Church – Creepin’

Creepin’ is depicted by fans and critics as a song that shows a clear and descriptive image of a former lover’s shadow sneaking so quietly into the crevices of your memory. Not to mention, the music video for the song is also just as good at getting your hearts and minds racing. Eric Church shows through this track that a song about heartbreak can be more than just a sentimental musical piece. Instead, it has the ability to provoke feelings of terror and shock, especially if it is rooted from quite a traumatizing and emotionally charged experience.

2. Alan Jackson – Midnight in Montgomery

Let’s raise the spooky levels and re-introduce you to a very memorable Alan Jackson classic. This hit song released in 1992 does not sing of lovers past. It rather centers on the ghost of another country favorite, Hank Williams. With lyrics that go, ‘Then a drunk man in a cowboy hat took me by surprise/ Wearing shiny boots, a Nudie suit and haunting haunted eyes/ Then the wind picked up, he was gone, was he ever really there?’, Jackson relays to his fans how he met Hank William’s spirit during his death anniversary. Truly, bone-chilling, don’t you agree?

3. Johnny Cash – Delia’s Gone

The story behind Johnny Cash’s haunting tune is all about a woman named Delia. Delia is unlike any other lady because she happens to be the type of woman that any man would run away from. The lyrics alone describe Delia as a cold and a mean person with a trifling glint in her eyes and her presence that personified a different kind of evil. What makes this song chillier is the part where it says despite her death in the hands of her almost-husband, Delia continues to haunt her lover with the patter of his feet around his bed in his jail cell.

4. Eddie Noack – Psycho

While the song Psycho is not an Eddie Noack original, this version adds a more definitive and mind-blowing spice to it. Because the title itself represents someone with an unstable mind, Noack perfectly depicts the haunting, dark, and demented journey that one would probably encounter through the song’s disturbing yet striking arrangement, and a perfect blend of crazy, spine-tingling scenarios.

5. Charlie Daniels Band – The Legend of Wooley Swamp

Wrapping up this list is a certified platinum track from the Charlie Daniels Band. The Legend of Wooley Swamp relays the background of a mythical ghost that belongs to Lucius Clay. Clay’s three young brothers had ill intentions of killing him and stealing his money. However, it is later revealed that their plans reach a dead end, and they are left screaming in torment before they breathed their last. It’s a richly dark song you can dance to while you leave your friends petrified.


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