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Hal Ketchum Rises to Stardom with “Small Town Saturday Night”

Hal Ketchum Rises to Stardom with “Small Town Saturday Night” 1
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What do you do when you were a kid on a Saturday? Do you hang out with your friends or do you just stay at home? Growing up in a small town there is not much to do, just hang out with your friends in open places. Of course, when you were young, you do not also have money, therefore, the things you can do is limited. In Hal Ketchum’s popular song “Small Town Saturday Night,” he tells a story of the life of young teenagers living in a small town with only limited things to do.

Past the Point of Rescue

Hal Ketchum gained recognition when he released his second album Past the Point of Rescue. The album was gold-certified by RIAA in 1992. Aside from being certified the album entered the Billboard chart Top Country Albums at No. 6. In addition, the song entered the Billboard 200 at No 45. Past the Point of Rescue was able to chart four singles on the chart. The songs that entered the chart from Hal Ketchum’s album were “Small Town Saturday Night,” “I Know Where Love Lives,” “Past the Point of Rescue,” and “Five O’Clock World.”

Chart Performance

In 1991, “Small Town Saturday Night” is a song written by Pat Alger and Hank DeVito for Hal Ketchum’s second studio album. This became Hal Ketchum’s first song to top the Billboard chart. It peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart. Moreover, the song remained on the chart for a total of 21 weeks.

About the Song

The song is a story of young kids telling the story of how they live their Saturday night. The narrators talk about drinking and about the world not being round.

A Little Bit about Hal Ketchum’s Music

Hal Ketchum has released eleven studio albums from 1988 to 2014. His only album that made it to the top 10 was Past the Point of Rescue.

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