June 26

Merle Haggard and Willie Nelsons’ “Reasons to Quit”


merle haggard willie nelson reasons to quit

There are many reasons and things to quit in life, but there are also many reasons to keep on going. However, those things may depend on something of a good or bad impact on your way of living. “Reasons to Quit” by Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson is one reason for you to listen to this song.

“Reasons to Quit” From Pancho and Lefty

Everybody loves Merle Haggard. He is a talented and authentic country singer that can’t be replaced. He is a genuine musician and all of his performances are stunning. He is one of the country singers who has charted a lot of number one songs on the Billboard charts. Up until today, his music still inspires many musicians. His song “Reasons to Quit,” although not No.1 on the chart, was able to enter the top 10 of the US Billboard chart. “Reasons to Quit” landed on the 6th position of the US Billboard Hot Country charts in 1983. The song was part of the album Pancho & Lefty. In 1983, their album peaked at No. 1 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums. However, only two songs in their album were able to enter the Billboard charts, “Pancho and Lefty” and “Reasons to Quit.”

About the Song

“Reasons to Quit” entered the charts because people connected with this song. It’s about a middle-aged man drinking and smoking, and doing things past his age. He knows that he is too old to do those things, but he still does it. He wants to stop drinking and smoking, but he finds it hard to quit. It’s true that quitting something you have been used to doing is difficult. It requires a lot of effort and discipline to do it. That is why people liked Haggard and Nelson’s song because it’s a song that everyone can relate with.

Listen to Pancho and Lefty’s song “Reasons to Quit.”

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merle haggard, reasons to quit, Willie Nelson

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