September 13, 2018

The Third Collaboration of Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard seashore of old mexico
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“The Seashores of Old Mexico” Song

Merle Haggard wrote the song “Seashores of Old Mexico” in 1971. Furthermore, it was first recorded by country singer Hank Snow on the same year. Snow made his version enter the Canadian chart but sadly, it was not able to secure a spot on the US Billboard chart. The following year, 1972, country musician Freddy Weller tried to make a version of this song for him yet it was not even successful to place any position on the chart. Merle Haggard himself made a version of this song for him in 1974. Then in 1978, Merle decided to rerecord the song this time with another legendary country singer, Willie Nelson. They recorded the song for their album Seashores of Old Mexico.

The Album

Seashores of Old Mexico was Merle’s third time to work with Nelson. He previously released some albums with the Nelson (Pancho and Lefty and Walking the Line).  Walking the Line was a collaboration among George Jones, Merle, and Nelson. Their album was released in 1987 and it reached No. 31 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. None of the singles on their album made to the chart. Furthermore, five songs were composed by Merle. Nelson added one song known as “Why Do I Have to Choose.” They also included a single from the Beatles, “Yesterday.”

The Song’s Story

Their lead single “Seashores of Old Mexico” is a story of a man who runs away from the law. He tries to get away in order for him not to serve time in jail. He went to Mexico where he thinks of starting a new life. At first, things were not going well when he arrived in Mexico. He lost his money and then he tries to run away again. He ends up on the shore of Mexico and there he met a young Mexican lady who seems to run away from her husband. The song ends up with the outlaw and the Mexican lady falling in love.

Seashores of Old Mexico album is the sequel to Merle and Willie’s chart-topper album Pancho and Lefty.

Other Cover Version

George Strait recorded the song in 2006 and made part of his album Somewhere Down in Texas. He made his version reach No. 11 on the Billboard Country chart and No. 85 on the Hot 100 chart.

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merle haggard, seashores of old mexico, Willie Nelson

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