December 28

Patty Griffin Releases an Awe-Inspiring of Hank Williams Gospel Classic

A House of Gold

The song “House of Gold” has become a beloved classic gospel hymn from Hank Williams. And now, Patty Griffin breathes new life to the song. 

Griffin completely changes the dynamics of the song. It is now geared towards a more gospel and soulful rendition. Her soft voice feels like a lullaby. And it gave the song a very haunting, yet beautiful vibe. 

Listen to the awe-inspiring song here!

The Hank Williams original is more rooted to country. His cool timbre rises above the classic country twang and grace. No wonder it is beloved!

Multiple Messengers

There are also other renditions apart from Griffin. Willie Nelson also made his rendition of it. He almost stuck to the original vibe of the song. But, The Outlaw spun the song to make it his own.

Come and take a listen here:

Hank Williams Jr. also made a rendition of his own. He kept most of the arrangements from the original that his dad made. It feels very classic country, complete with the signature twang.

Here, take a listen!

Another artist who kept their country roots with this song is Dierks Bentley. He mostly stuck to the old country roots of the song.

Downtown Church

“A House of Gold” is featured in Patty Griffin’s sixth studio album entitled “Downtown Church.” Amazingly enough, it was recorded in Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville. Her intentions about recording the album is about her exploring her feelings about religion.

The album debuted at number 38 on the Billboard 200. It also bagged the top spot on the Billboard Christian Albums and Folk Albums. People responded very warmly and favorably on the content of this album. 

The album received a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Gospel Album on December 2010. But, “Downtown Church” won the Grammy for Best Traditional Gospel Album in 2011.


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