Grieving as Christians is a very different process compared to others because of Jesus and God, our grieving process has a whole different meaning to it.

grieving as christians

A Statue depicting grief by Daniel Kornbau. Image from Flickr

Going through grief is never an easy thing and when we think that God is powerful, it makes us question even more why He would allow such things to happen. However, we need to realize that things work differently for us. It is precisely because God is powerful that grieving as Christians is different, here’s why.

God Hates Death So He Did Something About It

grieving as christians

The Empty Tomb, the universal sign of Jesus defeating death. Image from Pixabay

God despises the idea of us being lost to Him in more ways than one. Death is one of the main reason we can’t be with Him, so to combat this He sent Jesus. When Jesus took the cross He made sure that death no longer had a hold over us.

When we die in Christ we don’t exactly die. Instead, we live on in the presence of God now. We have conquered the chains that bind us in this world and are now enjoying real life with God. Jesus gave us life everlasting and so we celebrate it when one of us passes on from this world.

Grieving as Christians Involve Pain but It’s Only Temporary

grieving as christians

A grief-stricken American infantryman whose buddy has been killed in action is comforted by another soldier. Grieving always come with pain but as Christians, it goes away thanks to the Lord. Image via GoodFreePhotos

When we grieve it comes with a little hope at the back of our minds; the hope that we will see them again one day. It may be painful now but because of that hope and the comfort of knowing that our loved ones died in Christ, we are assured that we will meet them again one day in paradise.

There is sorrow at the beginning but that sorrow will turn to blessed assurance because of the promises of the Lord. It is okay to feel pain in grief, even Jesus felt that when His friend died, remember “Jesus Wept” the shortest verse in the Bible shows us that even He can feel the pain of loss.

However, He wasn’t fazed for long because He knew they will meet again soon.

The Most Important Part of Grieving as Christians, God Remains Beside Us

grieving as christians

Image from Pexels

One very important thing we should always remember, whether in grief or not, is that God NEVER leaves us. When we are left helpless because of grief, God doesn’t just sit in heaven watching nor does He let us handle things by ourselves. He walks with us all the way.

He stays with us and provides the warmth we need, He fills the hole that our loved ones left and lifts our burdens from us. Our Father comforts us with love until we can stand on our own again; he lends us strength until we regain our own again. He is with us always.

This article was inspired by the Hymn “Will The Circle Be Unbroken?” a wonderful hymn that tackles the issue of grief and comfort. Listen to it performed by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and rejoice that we as Christians process grief very differently thanks to the Lord.

Here’s an Acoustic Version of The Song by Sam Robson