November 14

A Good Advice from Gretchen Wilson When You’re “All Jacked Up”

Who doesn’t love weekends? It’s the most awaited part of the week Y’all! It is the time when we can go out and enjoy the night. Also, just like the old saying goes “TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday!).” Of course, you all know what happens next, right? But, please keep in mind that we need to drink in moderation and be safe. That being said, let’s see what Gretchen Wilson has to say about this.

“Redneck Woman”

Gretchen Frances Wilson or simply known as Gretchen Wilson is a country music superstar. She began her career in 2004 and was able to release several songs that reached the charts. Anyhow, her biggest single was the “Redneck Woman” that reached no. 1 in Billboard Hot Country Charts. In fact, the hit was her breakthrough in the music industry. Due to the positive response from her song, she was able to sell 8 million records worldwide.

Even though she is a country singer, Gretchen Wilson was influenced by the rock band “Heart.” Further, she appeared with the band on stage several times, and rest is history. It might be a magical moment for her, a dream come true. In addition, Wilson also made some renditions of the band’s classic hits. It’s evident that she is a loyal fan and this band really influenced Wilson to pursue her music career.

Friday Nights

“All Jacked Up” was released in 2005.  It was co-written by the American country superstar Gretchen Wilson. Upon its release, the song debuted at no. 21 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. Moreover, she raised the standards for other country female artist. For the record, Wilson holds the record for the highest debut for a female country artist that reached the charts in 2006.

Although the song did not pass the critics’ standards, Gretchen Wilson did her best in this masterpiece. Also, the song was loved by the public. As a result, she sold around 1 million copies across the country.


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