January 22

“Ballad of the Green Berets:” A Performance from Barry Sadler


Soldiers are one of the most underappreciated people of today. Sometimes, they are only recognized when they’re dead. They do everything just to make our world peaceful and so that we can comfortably sleep in our beds. But, do we realize the pain that they go through when they go into the battlefield? I guess not, because some of us just think about our welfare. Every soldier on the battlefield has a family praying for them to come home safe and alive. Anyhow, I guess it’s time for us to appreciate our modern heroes. Also, saying “Thank you” is not even enough to recognize what they’ve done. But for now, let’s go ahead and pay tribute to our modern heroes. Thus, let’s listen to the “Ballad of the Green Berets” from Barry Sadler.

Our Modern Hero

He is one of the heroes who sacrificed his life protecting our nation. This artist is not just a soldier. He is also an author and a singer-songwriter. He served in the Vietnam War and after being discharged from duty, he continued his social work. Also, he released hits and a book that is patriotic themed. Moreover, this soldier is not just good in combat but also on screen because he was included in some movie films. Anyway, I hope that you know Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler, who is also an Airman First Class.

"Ballad of the Green Berets:" A Performance from Barry Sadler 1
Photo Credits: Barry Sadler Official Home Page

Letter to our Soldiers

This hit is perfect to appreciate our soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the benefit of other people. Do you have a relative who was a member of the Green Berets? Well, I guess “The Ballad of the Green Berets” from Barry Sadler is perfect for you. In addition, the hit is full of patriotic vibe that can melt your heart. This was also used as a soundtrack for the 1969 movie “The Green Berets.” Once you see a soldier, thank them for their sacrifice. 




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