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“The Greatest Man I Never Knew”, Rimes’ Tribute That Made Reba Cry

In 2006, LeAnn Rimes sang one of Reba’s originals during one of the Country Music Television (CMT) Giant series. For many, this is a typical event, but not to Reba.

The heartwarming performance of LeAnn Rimes brought tears to Reba McEntire’s eyes and heart.

She Was Moved Before Because…

Reba McEntire has been through so much the past two years, but she persistently inspires us with her singing. Though most of her songs are inspirational, she also has really sad songs. One example is her song “The Greatest Man I Never Knew”, which was written by Richard Leigh and Layng Martine. It was partly inspired by Leigh’s relationship with his father.

On the other hand, Reba McEntire had a very close and loving relationship with her father. The song isn’t directly relevant for Reba but it is for many of her fans. It works that way in making a song more powerful and moving. Her talent to portray the song’s unknown heartache paved the way to one of the biggest hits of her career.

The story revolves around a grown child narrating on how she echoes back on her busy father. He doesn’t show how much he cares. Consequently, she goes on saying that his father was the greatest man she never had a chance to know because of being busy. The last part was the saddest. It was said that her father has passed away.

The song ends with an expressive ballad with the words – “Guess he thought I knew”.

“The Greatest Man I Never Knew”, Rimes’ Tribute That Made Reba Cry 1

LeAnn Rimes performed it extremely different than how we often hear it. She choked up a lot of times. Nevertheless, emotions are alive in her voice as she delivered this tribute to Reba. The crowd was a picture of standing ovation and teary-eyed people including Reba. She too rose and met LeAnn halfway to tell how beautiful she sang the song. They were both crying as if sharing the same emotion. The two spoke momentarily until Rimes went to hug McEntire’s father and mother in the crowd.

What More Now?

The talented vocalist LeAnn sang it when Reba’s father was still alive. Certainly, Reba will again be brought to tears when she hears this song now that her father is gone. Of course, LeAnn Rimes will be one of the artists she probably will ask to perform it again.

Want to know it yourself? Let’s hear out LeAnn’s tribute that moved Reba.

Rimes’ passionate investment in her performance made it truly significant. Struggling back her tears at several points, she still handled to keep her composure lightly.


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