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“Greatest Gift of All:” A Song From Glen Campbell’s Gospel Album

glen campbell greatest gift of all
Glen Campbell Photo Credit: https://www.npr.org

Glen Campbell’s Album “Show Me Your Way”

In 1991, Glen Campbell released his studio album Show Me Your Way. He recorded some songs that are traditional or a version of the song. In his album, he collaborated with some artists to make this album. Some of the artists with whom Campbell worked with were Russ Taff, Anne Murray, and Kelly Nelon Thompson.

Campbell also recorded some songs of Jimmy Webb, such as “Where I Am Going” and “The Four Horsemen.” The album entered the Billboard Christian Album chart at No. 19. In 1991, his recording of the song “The Greatest Gift of All” made it to the US Christian chart. In 1992, “Jesus and Me” and “Where I Am Going” also enter the US Christian chart.

Lead Single, “Show Me Your Way”

The lead single on his album was a duet with Anne Murray entitled “Show Me Your Way.” Their duet did not make it to the Billboard charts. It was his only collaboration with Russ Taff which entered to the Billboard charts.

“Greatest Gift of All”

“Greatest Gift of All” is a song written by T.J. Kuenster. The song is about the love of God and His goodness. The narrator speaks of God in all His good ways, like forgiving our sins, filling our soul with great wisdom and loving us no matter who we are. Furthermore, the narrator tells us that all of these can happen if we only follow God. It is important to pray to Him because He listens to all our prayers. If we pray, we are drawn closer to God and we can feel His love. God’s love is the greatest gift that we will receive in our entire life here on earth.

Here is Glen Campbell’s “Greatest Gift of All.”

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