October 31

Randy Sings of a Grandfather’s Faith in “If You Only Knew”

My grandfather says, “Fear not, this is my time
And into His presence I’ll fly
If you only knew what lies awaiting
…If you could only see what I can see
And if you could only hear the music playing
The angels singing sweet victory
Oh, if you only knew, if you only knew
how much he loves you.
(song snippet,
If You Only Knew)

This song of Randy Travis highlighted a believer’s healthy perspective on death and the afterlife.

The narrator shares a memorable conversation between his mother and his grandfather. While the mother fears to lose him, even refusing the thought of it, his grandfather’s words were hopeful about what’s coming to him. As much as he loves his daughter, he could not be held back from that glorious meeting with His Creator. How he wishes his daughter could see where he is going and that she would know how much God loves her.

Is any among us still grieving over the loss of a parent? Heed this grandfather’s words. When the time comes that our earthly fathers and mothers leave us, we have an assurance that we have a Heavenly Father who would stick with us. Hence, none of us will be left as orphans (as Jesus once said to his disciples). In the absence of a parent’s love, God comes and embraces us with His presence and love. People may offer help and friends may give comfort, but only God could fill the void in us, dry our eyes, and balm our woes.

Listen to the soulful singing of Randy Travis with “If You Only Knew.”


“Truly my soul silently awaits for God, From Him comes my salvation, He is my rock and my salvation. In God is my salvation and my glory. The rock of my strength, And my refuge, is in God”
~Psalm 62:1-7~


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