March 7

Graham’s Voice Cameo in Cash’s “Preacher Said, Jesus Said”

Their friendship is one among the few. One was a musical icon while the other was an influential preacher.

It’s not surprising to hear Billy Graham’s influence on Cash, (and him singing in his crusades). What was unusual to hear was Rev. Graham doing a musical collaboration with Cash.

Hear their 1971 presentation from an episode of The Johnny Cash Show.

Preacher Said, Jesus Said

After the song performance, the Rev. Graham delivered a short message. He talked about the use of music in translating God’s love to this lost and broken world. Listen to his full talk below.

Billy Graham’s Message on the Johnny Cash Show

Sharing Stage with Jesus

Younger stars have a lot to learn from these two, great men. Assuredly, they knew that all their accomplishments were made possible by God. Hence, they did not hesitate to use the limelight of Hollywood as an avenue to preach the words of Jesus. (Manipulation ‘ya think? Nah. That’s innovation.)

Some conservatives would surely disapprove of the Cash & Graham song tandem. The reason was that of not mixing light with darkness using 2 Corinthians 6:14 as a reference. While they appreciate Cash’s profession of faith, they don’t trust Hollywood. To them, it’s a money-making monster who just want to profit from our fanaticism.

The two may not have been oblivious to that sad fact. Still, if we focus on reaching a wider audience to introduce Jesus, then this time, the end justifies the means. It’s the same idea with the words of the apostle Paul in Philippians 2:18. It’s not much of an issue whether Christ will be preached in goodwill or not. What matters more is that the fame of his name was spread.

Back to our Man in Black and Iconic Preacher, they probably have met now in heaven. They’re not resting in peace. Reunited, they’re now rejoicing.

Graham’s Voice Cameo in Cash’s “Preacher Said, Jesus Said” 1


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