November 12

An Emotional Gospel Performance of Tennessee Ford

Jesus Christ understands us pretty well and He also knows the content of our hearts. Thus, He is always there whenever we need Him. Also, what song can we associate with Christ? Have you ever heard “What a Friend we have in Jesus” by Tennessee Ford? If not, listen to it and understand what kind of friend Ford is referring to.

“The Television Icon”

Ernest Jennings Ford, commercially known as Tennessee Ford, was widely known for being a country western and gospel artist. Also, he is one of the most respectable television hosts of his time. Ford is a natural superstar because of his innate talent and a great sense of humor.

At an early age, Tennessee Ford proved that he was born to be a musician. In 1939, this young man pursued his dream and went to Cincinnati Conservatory of Music to study classical singing. However, when the Second World War erupted, he was forced to serve the army as a bomb expert. After the war, Ford worked at a radio station wherein he was discovered and got signed with Capitol Records.  “Sixteen Tons” was his breakthrough song in 1955. Even more, this man was also given his own TV show. In my opinion, this singer-host was really one of a kind.

“The Kind of Friend that We Should Have”

“What a Friend We Have in Jesus” was written by the preacher Joseph Scriven in 1855. Hence, originally the hymn was a poem to comfort his mother living alone in their hometown. However, in 1869, Charles Crozat composed the melody, since then, it was considered as one of the most favorite gospel hymns. Due to its popularity, the tune was translated into multiple languages. English was one of them, which was covered by Tennessee Ford in a gospel country way.

The hymn is really uplifting, especially if we are going through some difficulties. Above all, He is always there ready to lend a hand. Just like what Tennessee Ford said, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”


Joseph Scriven, Tennessee Ford, what a friend we have in jesus

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