October 22

Sailing on the Old “Gospel Ship” with the Joan Baez Vibe

There are a lot of gospel singers nowadays, but no one can move the soul as Joan Baez does. Admittedly, she is a true country gospel singer, putting her passion and emotion through the song.  One of my favorites from her is the song “Gospel Ship” it talks about a rapture. Eventually, all of us will die, and once the second coming of the Lord is fulfilled, we will all be judged. It is nice to know that this kind of music existed for us to have hope and faith.

“Meeting the Lord”

Rapture is viewed by most people as the end of the world; others see it as the second coming of the Lord. There are mixed ideas on what will happen during the rapture, and each person has a different interpretation. As for me, I will stick to my belief and to the bible. Anyhow, it was mentioned that rapture will happen at the most unexpected time and we should be prepared at all costs. According to a book I’ve read, the Lord will come like a thief in the night, and no one knows when it will happen; not even the angels in heaven.

Joan Baez” is one of the gospel singers that talks about the rapture in her song. Further, the return of the Lord is an crucial aspect in a Christian perspective. There are signs that He is coming back very soon. We have false prophets, famine, war, and calamities. It’s scary, but if we have faith, we will be excited to see Him in the end.

“The Gospel Singer”

Joan Baez was an American singer song-writer who widens her horizon in terms of her music career. In addition, going back to her roots, she was brought up in a conservative way since her parents were both active in church activities. This influenced her music style so much especially her gospel vibe. In the year 1959, Joan Baez began her professional career as an artist. Moreover, the next year, she began touring and building her name as an artist.

One of the most successful songs of Joan Baez was her version of “Gospel Ship.” Even though this song was originally from the Carter Family, she incorporated her own style in it. The song talks about happily meeting the Lord, being happy and satisfied.

In conclusion, this is every Christians dreams to meet the one who created them. Thus, fulfilling this is getting one’s self satisfaction.

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