July 11

Some Gospel and Bluegrass Pickin’ with the Jolliff Band

Anyone remembers this piece when we first caught sight of the young genius mandolin player? Some Gospel and Bluegrass Pickin' with the Jolliff Band 1

Here he is again with his dad and the rest of the band sharing the spotlight this time. But before jumping to the embedded video, briefly get yourself acquainted with the songs mentioned.

Some Gospel and Bluegrass Pickin' with the Jolliff Band 2

Let the Bad Days Roll

It’s not hard to identify yourself as a Christian, but will you prove that? That’s the point in the gospel tune Turn the Other Cheek. It says that you’ll only know you’ve stepped into God’s kingdom if you can overlook offenses. Now that’s a tough job! It has to be done though.

Based on Jesus’ teachings on Matthew 5:39-44, the turning the other cheek principle does not mean we’ll be pushovers. What Jesus meant was for us not to give the devil a hold of our wills and emotions. We must choose to bear self-control as it’s one of the Spirit’s fruits.

Because We are One in the Lord Some Gospel and Bluegrass Pickin' with the Jolliff Band 3

When All Thy Names Are One appeared in Bob Zentz’s 1992 album, It’s About Time.

The tone is a deep sigh that welled-up in the songwriter seeing how believers sacrifice Christian love in the name of doctrine, practices, and preferences. These caused divisions in the Body of Christ which ought not to be. And unless we learn to surrender our pride, we’ll forever be separated from the rest of our brethren in God’s Kingdom. May God help us overcome the hardness of our hearts and live in obedience to his command; that we’ll love each other as Christ loved us. 

Gospel Songs Sung at their Best! (Billy Pollard Show)

Hats off to the Jolliff Band’s awesome performance and for their boldness! Most would skip these songs they picked as both contained some hard lyrics. Rare nowadays are the gospel musicians who’ll speak the truth in their songs and won’t cower in fear of offending somebody.

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