October 24

The Collaboration of Jackson and Jones in “A Good Year for the Roses”

“A Good Year for the Roses” depicts the thoughts of a man as his wife who is preparing to leave him. The song is also an example of George Jones’ ability to perform with great and emotional vocals. It seems realistic as the song conveys sadness and bitterness consequently from a broken marriage. It is more intense with the assistance of Alan Jackson. Their collaboration can pierce your hearts. Undoubtedly, their duet can make your eyes water.


George Jones initially recorded and released the song in 1970. 24 years later, in 1994, Jones collaborated with Jackson to cater the song to their country music supporters. However, their collaboration did not receive much reception compared to Jones’ solo performance. It did not even top the country charts. Nevertheless, in 1995, Jones and Jackson received “Vocal Collaboration of the Year” at the Music City News Country Awards.


Despite the low reception, the accolade both received was proof of how great their collaboration was. It only proved the impact of Jones and Jackson’s vocals to touch the people as well as the critics.

A Good Year for the Roses

Jerry Chesnut wrote the words and lyrics of “A Good Year for the Roses.” George Jones recorded and released the single in October 1970. It was part of his album “George Jones with Love.” His version peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Singles, which is now the Hot Country Songs chart.

People might agree that George Jones’ performance of “A Good Year for the Roses” is one of his best. His clenched-teeth vocal style was the core of the track making it so intense and emotional. The words and lyrics were genuinely connected with Jones. With this, he was able to deliver a painful, expressive, and sensitive song.

Not only is the song intense, but also George Jones. He always drowned himself to each of his songs’ lines. When recording, he made sure he was connected and made it his own.


Alan Jackson, George Jones

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