November 6

“Good Old Gospel Singing” Fills Your Spirit with Joyfulness

One of the sensible ways to connect with God is through music. Singing gospel songs for the Lord is never a tiring task nor a waste of time. It’s similar to praying. Gospel music is our way of communicating with our heavenly Father harmoniously. Just like after praying, there’s the feeling of relief and serenity that comes with singing songs for God. When you exalt Him through music, you not only make Him smile. Also, you’ll find a different sense of peace and joy that comes from within.

Musicians, lyricists, and hymnodists utilize their talents in music to give back to God all the glory and thanksgiving. Thanks to their countless work of love and creativity that continues to inspire us as we listen to and sing them. These delightful melodies add sensibility to our manner of connecting with our Creator.

Good Ole Gospel Singing

If you’re looking for a great tune that cites several of your favorite gospel songs, you’re reading the right article. From this song, you’ll not only find happiness with its rhythm and meaning but also titles of other great spirituals. The song is entitled “Good Old Gospel Singing.” Its lyrics and music were penned by Mosie Lister. Copies of the tune became available in 1971. The American southern gospel vocal trio The Booth Brothers were among the gospel singers who recorded it.

“Good Old Gospel Singing” recalls the magnificent experience of the narrator upon joining a group of people praising God through songs. Here, the narrator specifies how those tunes changed his life and brought him closer to God.

I love that good old gospel singing
Happy gospel singing
Ringing out so loud and clear
Like an angel choir
How it lifts me higher
Making Heaven seem so near
Come on and join right in the chorus
Really swell the chorus
Let the happy songs roll on
Ev’rybody sing it
Make it ring until the whole world sings along

Moreover, the song lists titles of several gospel tunes that make it even more exciting to croon. I’m sure you know so well some if not all of these.

With voices lifted high
We’ll sing Sweet By and By
And Rock of Ages cleft for even me
I Love to Tell the Story
Of Jesus and His Glory
Alas and did my Savior Bleed for me
Lord Send the Old-time Power
I Need Thee Ev’ry Hour
And Nothing but the Blood
Can Make me Whole

O Happy Happy Day
He Washed My Sins Away
He’s the Fairest
Of Ten Thousand to my Soul

Listen to the Booth Brothers’ rendition of “Good Old Gospel Singing” below.


Good Old Gospel Singing, Joyful Tune, The Booth Brothers

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