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“Good Hearted Woman” by Waylon Jennings Comes in Different Versions


“Good Hearted Woman” has been one of the classic signature songs of Waylon Jennings. He personally penned it with his friend Willie Nelson. The first recording of the song was done by him in 1971. His first version of the song reached number three on the country chart. He also made it part of his same-titled album in 1972.

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However, the best-known version was his collaboration with Nelson in 1975. Their rendition reached the top of the country chart, and it also secured a spot on the pop chart. Both country singers included the song on their album Wanted: The Outlaws!

Inspiration of “Good Hearted Woman”

The inspiration behind the writing of the song was from an advertisement Jennings saw about Tina Turner. The headline says that Turner was such a good-hearted woman loving a two-timing man. Jennings was struck by it that he immediately told Nelson about his idea during a poker game. The song was written while the two were playing.

After Jennings released his version, many artists dared to make their version. Here we listed some versions that you might like.

Different Versions

Charley Pride

Charley Pride followed Nelson when he released his version in 1972. His recording became part of his top-performing album Songs of Love by Charley Pride.

The Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers also recorded their version of “Good Hearted Woman.” They turned the classic song into a country rock style which they are good at. The Everly Brothers included their version on their album Pass the Chicken and Listen.

Tina Turner

Even Tina Turner, who was the inspiration behind the song, recorded it in her album Soul Deep. Turner’s version was released in 1979.

LeAnn Rimes

In 2011, LeAnn Rimes covered the song for her album Lady & Gentlemen. Her album contained songs from male country singers hence Gentlemen, and the lady in the album is her. Lady & Gentlemen reached number seven on the country album chart.

Other versions of “Good Hearted Woman” are from George Jones, Ferlin Husky, and Ernest Tubb. Which one is your favorite?


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