Golden West is an up and coming duo who will definitely be making quite a name for themselves in the country stage.

golden west

image provided by Golden West

CountryThangDaily got the chance to know them better and obtained an interview with them. Read on and find out more about this awesome duo and definitely check them out as they are sure to take their spot on the country stage soon.

Q: How was the duo formed? How did you meet? When did you start recording together,
and when did you decide to form the group?

A: We became “Golden West” shortly after graduating college. We did what everyone does after graduation: got corporate jobs with our degrees. But about a year into that, we realized we hadn’t played one show or written more than a handful of songs: and that was not ok with us!

We knew music was what we were meant to do, so we both
quit our jobs and began focusing on music full time. And we’ve been doing it ever since!

Q: How did you guys start? Where did you first perform? How did you get discovered or
how did you get your current record deal?

A: We started writing and singing together about 11 years ago when we met in college.
We hit it off as friends and in music, so it became an almost daily thing!

Over a 24 pack of beers we’d write, record, repeat. Our first ever performance was at an open mic competition at Humphrey’s By The Bay, a hotel/music venue about 5 minutes away from our college.

We performed one of the first songs we wrote together and, to our surprise, won! That prize money was gone by the end of the night with our friends and some celebration shots, haha. Currently we are independent as a duo and as writers.

It’s been a long tough road, but all the blood, sweat and tears we’ve put into our music and career is starting to pay off! We love every second of it and just can’t see ourselves doing anything else.

golden west

via Golden West’s Facebook page

Q: Your new single, “Need Your Love” is catchy. A great track to listen to and it also tells an interesting tale. I feel like it would be a crossover hit, what inspired it?

A: Thank you so much! We had a blast writing it with our buddy Ryan Sorestad and producing it with our friend Grady Saxman. It’s definitely edgier than most country music out there and is for sure a crossover. That kind of represents us as people and as a duo. Having grown up on the west coast we had a lot of different musical and cultural influences that we like to incorporate into the Golden West sound.

Need Your Love came about on an average writing session day with Ryan; the 3 of us have such a connection when it comes to writing together and songs just flow out of us! So we write with him on the regular weekly. We were chatting about how we finally were ready to focus on our own music again and were gearing up to get back in the studio, so we needed new songs.

golden west

via Golden West’s Facebook page

We normally spend a good amount of time hanging out, talking about our week or anything that’s going on with us, just catch up. It never fails to spark a song, and that is what happened lyrically with Need Your Love. Part of our writing process sometimes also starts out with us producing a track and bringing it to Ryan, and that was also the case for this tune.

We knew even before it was finished that it was a song meant for us!

Q: What songs would you recommend to newer listeners? Which songs would best introduce would-be fans to you guys? Why those songs exactly?

A: Need Your Love would be our first recommendation because it is our newest single and freshest sound. High Octane has been another favorite for listeners. We also have 2 more singles we finished up in the studio this summer that will be released soon, we are very excited about them as well! Both of them we debuted at our Bonnaroo performance

Q: Aside from “Need Your Love” are there any more songs we should look out for?

A: We are gearing up to release two more singles! “Signal”: written with and featuring John Tucker on the track and “Up In The Air”: written with Ryan Sorestad & AJ Gatio. All 3 great writers, friends, and artists here in Nashville.

Q: How can fans reach out to you? Is there an official website? What is the group’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages?

A: You can find us at, on Instagram as @goldenwest_official, and on twitter as @GoldenW3st

Q: What’s next for Golden West? Any upcoming tour dates? Youtube premiers? Are there any new albums coming out?

A: Right now we are focused on pushing Need Your Love and getting back on the road! We have some Nashville dates but nothing major as of right now. Be sure to check back at our website for any updated and upcoming dates!