January 17

Golden Voice Ted Williams

God lifts people who are humble to recognize that everything comes from him.

Meet Ted Williams dubbed as The Man with a Golden Voice. His is another of the many inspirational stories to speak the truth that hope is not yet extinct.
Golden Voice Ted Williams 1

His discovery.

Poorer than a mouse somewhere on the streets of Ohio, Columbus, Ted Williams was found. A reporter filmed a sample of his golden, baritone voice and had it uploaded to YouTube. He might have thought of the video recording as for mere fun. What he did not expect is the coming surprise when after his video’s posted, it went viral overnight. Soon, he found himself pursued by the press and receiving countless job offers.

In the same clip, you’re about to watch is a brief interview with Ted Williams mother. She recounted how drug addiction and abuse wrecked his family and life. Hence, his poverty and homeless state.

Fortunately for him, God decided to give him another shot of his mercy.

Starting Anew.

Ted was raised in a modest home and rendered three year- service in the military. Like most of us, he’d made lots of unwise decisions in life. He experienced being penniless and lived on streets for a while. It was there that he must have learned the bitter lesson that temporal success is not a guarantee.

Like a dream, doors of opportunities were opened for him. He landed his first job as a voice artist for KRAFT. Watch how he pulled it off.

Ted Williams doing a KRAFT commercial.

Living blessed.

Ted Williams five years later.

No more a panhandler, Golden Voiced, Ted Williams enthusiastically lends a hand to his former street mates. He knew what it’s like to be hopeless. Aside from the spread of his inspirational story, his visible presence in homeless shelters boosts people’s moral. Just as the streets were not a dead-end for him, so will it be for them. And hey, don’t you love what he said at the end of the clip?

“I have a God-given gift of voice.
Acknowledge him in all my ways,
And he will direct my path.”  


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