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Gold City’s “What Children Believe” Emits Purity and Truth

Gold City's "What Children Believe" Emits Purity and Truth 1
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“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Prov. 22:6)

The above Bible verse is very clear. It should be every parent or guardian’s duty to lead their children to the righteous path while they’re still young. Learning starts at home with the parents being their children’s first mentors. And, the very foundation of their learning process should be the truths about life. If such were the ones being instilled in their minds, they’ll certainly remain there as these children mature. Any time spent conversing with kids is never wasted. They’re simply adorable. Whatever word that comes from their mouth is filled with innocence and truth. Sometimes, they shock you with things you never thought they could utter.

The Song “What Children Believe”

Here is a song that exhibits the purity and honesty that can be found from what the youngsters know. Entitled “What Children Believe,” the song was recorded by the gospel quartet Gold City. The song appeared on the group’s album Moment of Truth. Let’s take a closer look at the song and get amazed by what the children believe.

Consisting of two verses, a chorus, and a bridge, “What Children Believe” explores the normal things that children do when they gather around. Thinking that such a meeting would be of no sense to adults, we often let these go unnoticed. But if only we pay attention to what these kids say, we somewhat realize that some of their words speak simply of the plain truth.

In the song’s chorus, the very first truth that children believe is the enduring characteristic of love. While love does not last in all of the relationships, it’s the belief of these young innocents that such is possible. The lines “The cheaters never win,” “It’s bad to lie,” “And faith is all you need” all encompass a basic truth. They’re, in fact, gentle reminders to adults who oftentimes fail to live with such beliefs.

Love Lasts forever
Mom and Daddies stay together
The cheaters never win
And a promise is something you keep
It’s bad to lie, but it’s ok to cry
Dreams never die
And faith is all you need
Ain’t it crazy what children believe?

In the second stanza, the narrator expresses his desire to go back to being a child. There, his world may only be that little but it’s totally free of the troubles that this world has succumbed to. In that little sanctuary, both the “right and wrong mattered” and “truth was in style.” To appreciate the song more, let’s listen as the Gold City will sing it for us.

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