November 9

Musings from “God is Trying to Tell You Somethin” from The Color Purple

God is Trying to Tell You Somethin’

“The Color Purple” has immortalized a series of great gospel songs, inter-weaved with such a powerful narrative. And. one of the most compelling songs in its repertoire is “God is Trying to Tell You Somethin.”

Its deep context starts with the story of “The Color Purple.” It is a book by Alice Walker that has been translated both into the silver screen and on the Broadway stage. It follows the story of Celie, an African-American woman from the South in the early to mid-20th century.

In the movie, the pastor says a few smart words before the choir breaks out into beautiful harmonies:

“It’s possible for the Lord to drive you home… He can drive you home if you trust Him”

There was a jazz band that was outside of the church, and when they heard the amazing song of the Lord, it literally pulled them to church. The chorus of jazz singers is lead by the exiled daughter of the pastor. The best part of the scene in the movie is the father/daughter being reunited by the Lord’s grace. The father accepts the daughter’s hug.

“God is Trying to Tell You Somethin” is specific to this scene but it is also reflective of the overall theme of the movie. The song portrays how much Celie should also listen to what God has to say to her. And in that, she may be able to grow into the person that could handle life’s challenges.

Listen to the amazing song here!

We Must All Listen

At what point should we still ask for a sign? This is probably what you’ve been looking for today, in terms of asking if the Lord is communicating with you. Yes, he is. Everywhere you look, there is a manifestation of God trying to tell you something.

I believe that this is a very timely song in the society that we move in right now. We have grown indifferent to the teachings of the Lord, and we have closed our hearts to what guidance He can give us.  Society’s seams are pulling at its stitches, and the only thing we can do right now is repent, and open our hearts again to our Savior.

We must be like Samuel in the scriptures, ready and awake at the Lord’s command. We are, after all, His servants. And the purpose of our life is to serve and dedicate our actions to our Creator.


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