August 2

“God On the Mountain” Melts Religious Disputes

Different Christian sectors of religious beliefs exist around the globe. Sometimes, it is inevitable to have disputes about God- that your God is different from their God. How crazy and hurtful does that sound? Read more to find out.

Ideology and Culture

god on the mountain
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In the world that we live in, rich variety of ideologies and points of view exist. We can not just unite all the Gods that we believe in general. What matters more than the belief that your God is different from mine? Humanity. We need to restore humanity in the world we live in. We have seen people killing others because of religious disputes.  In times of wars and fights, where do we put God there?

The solution is not unifying all the deity into your own interpretation of God. The solution is to stop killing each other for religious views, political views, resources, and sex among others. The action to end disputes begins in us. The moment we acknowledge that the world we live in is diverse and complex would be the time we accept other people and their identity.

god on the mountain
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“God On The Mountain,” Living the Christian Way

As Christians, we are taught to trust Him in everything. Some bad things may happen out of our control. Others could happen with our own decisions. Either, we still praise Him, even if we feel that we are in misery. Worship Him even though we have failed. When we are down and weary, we still praise Him. And every time we feel frustrated, we still call his name. Our dearest readers, it doesn’t just end there. It is there where it begins. We should begin to embrace the diversity of beliefs. Set aside hate and grudge among religious stereotypes and embrace others as we love ourselves.

Listen to the song that will let your hearts be open to others:

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