July 24

The Only Reason Why I’m Still Alive is “God Must Really Love Me”

The Only Reason Why I'm Still Alive is "God Must Really Love Me" 1
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Do you consider the purpose of your life with each day that you are given the chance to exist? Do you even care about the worth of every breath you get to puff for every moment that passes by? Are you aware that every ticking of the clock was meant for you to savor the interminable love that has been sheltering you since you were brought out in this complicated world?

You’re not lucky, you are blessed

Come to think of it. Violence, disasters, diseases, accidents, and different ugly things are rampantly taking away human lives, if not causing a disastrous situation. These happen every time, everywhere, and at times just in the neighborhood. But here you are, a lucky man who continues to survive the obscured system of living.

Of course, just like anyone else, you also made decisions that distorted the smooth flow of your life. Man, that’s normal! But have ever wondered why you are still kicking after all those careless choices you’ve picked? You’ve been wounded, but most probably you have caused pain as well. You failed, but that’s because you did not stretch out the best in you. You’ve been upset, but that’s because you took things for granted. And look at you now, you’re still greatly favored with things that someone out there wished to have. Did you ever wonder why?

There’s been times I’ve let my faith run thin
Not been the man I should have been
After all the trouble I’ve been in, I’da gave up on me
I’ve lived hard and I’ve lived fast
Lost things I will never get back
Cause someone to look past all of that
God must really love me

The Only Reason Why I'm Still Alive is "God Must Really Love Me" 2
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There’s more than what you’ve got

Take this moment to reflect on your life alone. What have you got in there? How’s your family? How about your friends? Is your career going well?

I know that every aspect of life can never be perfectly set at the same time. There are some who are not favored of having a happy family, but they’ve got real friends who supplement the love they ought to be filled with. Some are struggling with their career but they’ve got a strong support from other sources. For some, they have abundant wealth, but they merely have sincere acquaintances.

Life’s made that way, nothing and no one can ever be perfect. But, we can only find real peace and serenity when we learn how to appreciate what we’ve got at the moment. We may have more or less compared than others, but hey, we’re all the same in God’s eyes, and we receive the same amount of unconditional love from Him. That’s the reason you’re still alive, it’s because of love. The best is yet to come for you, just believe and hold onto your faith. God truly loves you.

When I look at the miracles around me
At the way that I live and the way He forgives
I know He’s up there smiling down on me
And I believe the only reason why
I’m still alive is
God must really love me

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