March 15

Sing-Along to “God Loves Gospel Country” Tune

Does God love Gospel Country? Totally!

Up on your toes folks! From Dan Seal’s “I Think God Must Be a Cowboy” to White River’s “I Like My Gospel Country,” here’s a perky tune that would surely rev up your grooves. But first, why not sing-along with this track’s singer/s? Lyrics are easy on the memory.

“God Loves Gospel Country” by Life Breakthrough

Love this tune? Share it with everybody. They would surely love to tap and dance to it as well.

One of the perks of being raised in the countryside, I know. Even if I currently live in the urban, my weekends are always filled with mountain treks and coffee with my kinfolks.

Humble abodes, campfires, and wooden churches. Those are things I’ll always go back to. Long hours on the road don’t matter. Exaggeration? Nah. Every soul has to find solace somewhere. Me? To my grandpa’s mountains of course!

That’s where I was introduced to the featured tune. It’s lively and fitting for group dances. Delving deeper though, what’s with the frequent association of the rural life to country music? Well, answers vary. Feel free to write your answers in the comments below.

As for me, there are reasons why I think God loves our “country world.”

He gave our menfolk and womenfolk strengths to carry out their daily tasks.
Our crops were oftentimes abundant.
Our barns were kept safe from robbers.
Children stay healthy. And contrary to the stereotype of backward living, they actually get more freedom to enjoy their innocence.
Horses and horses!
 Fewer neighbors mean a more authentic community. Just imagine the whole neighborhood skipping work on Sundays to gather in a small chapel.

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