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Draw Spiritual Upliftment from God’s Love with this Hymn

Draw Spiritual Upliftment from God's Love with this Hymn 1
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Certainly, gospel songs or Christian hymns are great sources of spiritual upliftment and encouragement. Listening to them is as powerful as God’s words in transforming one’s disposition. Delighting ourselves in them is like talking to God and receiving enlightenment from Him. Thanks to the many great gospel songwriters and hymnodists who put their God-given talents to proper use, and we are, as well, benefitted from this as their musical pieces find meaning in our lives.

There are countless beautiful hymns out there that are truly inspiring. But Love Lifted Me is our pick for this article. This song has reference to a Biblical character named Peter and his story of relying on God. The story was taken from the book of Matthew 14: 30-31. Accordingly, Peter went to the water, became afraid and began to sink. But instead of letting his fear devour him, he cried to the Lord and asked to save him. Out of the water, Jesus lifted Peter.

The above story inspired James Rowe to write the song “Love Lifted Me” in 1912. Among the famous names in country music who recorded the song were Eddy Arnold, Freddie Hartand Alan JacksonIn the clip video is Kim Hopper performing “Love Lifted Me” live. Listen to her heartfelt rendition of the song.

The Songwriter

Originally from England, James Rowe was one of the prolific gospel verse writers of the 20th century. He moved to the United States in 1890 where he worked and settled. After serving as a railroad worker for certain years, Rowe began exploring the literary field. He started writing gospel songs and hymns and spent the rest of his life doing so. Accordingly, he’s written over 19,000 hymns for numerous composers.

For the song “Love Lifted Me,” Rowe specifically asked the help of  Howard E. Smith for the composition of the melody. Smith, as Rowe’s daughter Mrs. Louise Rowe Mayhew described him, was a small man with hands knotted with arthritis. Being such, you wouldn’t even imagine how he played the piano. But such condition didn’t stop him from working excellently with Rowe for this hymn. They worked together harmoniously. While Rowe was writing the lyrics, Smith would play some notes on the piano and then jot them down.

Draw Spiritual Upliftment from God's Love with this Hymn 2
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