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“God Love Her” Marks Toby Keith’s 18th No. 1 Song on the Chart

“God Love Her” Marks Toby Keith’s 18th No. 1 Song on the Chart 1
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You cannot judge a person by the way they look or what they have because most of the time, the person whom we thought to be bad will actually save another person’s life. It’s easy to see the bad or worse in people but it takes an effort to appreciate and see the goodness in a person.

“God Love Her” Chart Performance and RIAA

Toby Keith collaborated with Vicky McGhee in 2008 to write a song entitled “God Love Her.” The song is one of Toby Keith’s track on his album That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy. Toby’s song climbed the US Billboard chart and peaked at No. 1. In addition, “God Love Her” made it to the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 2. Aside from enjoying its position on the chart, Toby Keith’s song was Gold-certified by RIAA in January 21, 2010.

About the Song

The narrator of the song tells the story of his woman. The woman he loves is a daughter of a preacher, who would normally grow up to be a good person. However, she became a rebellious child. Despite all the unpleasant things she has done, she still believes in God. That is why the narrator has mentioned that his girl clings to the Bible. She may be considered to be a living a rebellious life, but because of her, the narrator’s soul was saved. He became a person who believed in God.

A Little Bit about Toby Keith

Toby Keith is an American country singer who charted 20 No. 1 song on the Country chart of the Billboard. He also released 18 studio albums. Almost all of his albums were either Platinum or Gold Certified by RIAA. Keith’s last song to be certified by RIAA was “Beer Ago” in 2012. It was also his last song to enter the top 10 of the Billboard country chart.

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God love her, Toby Keith

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