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“God Likes to Work” Through Our Weaknesses and Troubles

"God Likes to Work" Through Our Weaknesses and Troubles 1
Karen Peck & New River/Photo: Screen grabbed from Youtube

We may not even recognize it most of the time but God is always at work in our lives. Doesn’t it sound sweet and moving? His boundless love never fails and His mercy is new each morning that comes. And during our darkest hours and we feel helpless, that’s when He likes more to be at work in our midst. That would mean then that no situation we face in life is so hopeless because there would always be someone out there to aid and lift us. God works through our weaknesses and limitations and even in the midst of life’s troubles. Expanding further our discussion on that topic, here is a wonderful song that speaks of God’s enthusiasm in extending an unchanging helping hand. It’s called “God Likes to Work.”

A Source of Hope, Healing, and Strength

“God Likes to Work” or as others call it, “God Likes to Work (When Nothing Else Will),” is a song of hope. It perfectly fits anyone who’s going through something in life and is on the verge of giving up. The tune also offers to heal. Imagine you’re in your most down moment and despite seeking support from someone or something, still, you fail. Listening to this song would somehow mend your broken heart. It’s a sweet reminder that God isn’t dead and He’s always beside us. Finally, the tune gives strength. While we can’t change the fact that we’re imperfect, our weaknesses and limitations usher us to the realization that we have a perfect God. Seeking His saving grace and trusting Him are essential keys to refine our relationship with Him.

Karen Peck and New River band were among the first gospel singers to record or perform the song. Moreover, the group recorded the tune on their 1999 album A Southern Gospel Decade.

The Lyrics

You’ve been to the doctor and he just shook his head
So many nights you’ve suffered lying in bed
But you can’t seem to make it, your body is ill
Friend, God likes to work when nothing else will

You’ve met with the banker, he said no with regret
You’ve tried every way just to get ahead
But you’re hoping and praying for a miracle still
Oh God likes to work when nothing else will

God likes to work
When your back’s to the wall
When faith’s in the balance
And you’re just about to fall
So there’ll be no mistaking when He blesses and heals
Oh God likes to work when nothing else will

So there’ll be no mistaking when He blesses and heals
Oh God likes to work when nothing else will

Below is an old clip of the heartwarming song performed by Karen Peck & New River.

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God Likes to Work, Karen Peck & New River, Unlimited

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