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Josh Groban’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone” Pronounces that God Will Never Forsake Us

As we listen to Josh Groban’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” let us be reminded of the blessings, existence, and guidance of God all throughout. Say a little prayer too, as you listen to Josh’s angelic voice.

Yes, God will be with us no matter what. He will never forsake nor abandon us because we are his children. Perhaps, there are things we have done that are opposite to his rules. Nevertheless, the God will understand and forgive us. At times we are on our downfalls, God is with us and he’ll never let us walk alone.

📷 by Rich Terfit for The New York Times

Posted by Josh Groban on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

At times we endure trials, problems, and difficulties we doubt ourselves. We even wonder how we will come through it. Sometimes, we would like to give in and let those bad things devour us. But most of the time, we fight and try to uplift ourselves. Perhaps, that is a strong will within us human beings. However, we are unable to do this without God. He is the creator and he is our reason for breathing. With this, God will not abolish the creations he loves. God will do everything for us to be better people worth his sacrifices.

You’ll Never Walk Alone…

For us human beings to be accepted and forgiven, we must do our parts. Obey God’s rules and do good things no matter how hard it may be. Be a Samaritan to everyone even though they are strangers. But most of all, we must accept God in our hearts and he will receive us, too. Also, we must pray and we should pour out our prayers authentically. We must listen to his answers. Moreover, we must praise and worship him as he is our creator.

Pray with Me…

Lord, we thank you for your promise never to leave us and never to forsake us. Help us have the wisdom to clearly see that just because I don’t feel your presence, doesn’t mean you’re not with us always. Help us have peace that comes from knowing the Truth of Your word to us today – you will never leave your children nor give up on them. Help us live a life that honors you and points others toward you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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