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Keeping Us Strong, “God and Guns” by Hank Williams, Jr.

Over the years, we see many new faces coming into the music industry. While some of these new stars manage to go on and have successful careers, some actually vanish almost as quickly as they arrived. Fortunately, some big stars are still able to get used with the times and keep their music significant over time. Such is the case of Hank Williams, Jr. who continues to give us hit song after hit song. Although faced with controversies in some of his songs, his version of “God and Guns” is one-of-a-kind.

Keeping Us Strong, “God and Guns” by Hank Williams, Jr. 1
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“God and Guns”, the Release

While Hank Williams, Jr. likes to write songs himself, “God and Guns” was actually a collaborative effort. Talented lyricists Travis Meadows, Mark Stephen Jones, and Bud Tower, came altogether to write this fantastic song. It is clear to see in the song that Hank Williams Jr. is showing his very best as it resonates with anyone who hears it. Moreover, he admits that even though he did not write it himself, the song fits him perfectly. Under his album, It’s About Time, “God and Guns” does not fall in a controversy category.

While many may consider that the views in the song assert today’s climate, Williams does not see it that way. In fact, he says it reminds him of a song he has released in the past. It reminds him of “Country Boy Can Survive”, which he considers not controversial, but strong.

More About The Song

Lynyrd Skynyrd originally performed “God and Guns”. The song is an anthem about the importance of keeping God and guns in the American society and fighting for these essentials against politicians who disagree.

God and guns keep us strong

We might as well give up and run

If we let ’em take our God and guns

That ain’t gonna happen.

It is certainly fighting, strong tune. However, this is not surprising for Hank Jr. who is frank and honest. Utmost, he shares what he thinks without apology, even when it comes to politics. Hank J.r has been doing his thing in the music industry for decades and is showing no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Do you still hope Hank Williams, Jr. comes again with more music coming our way in the future?

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