March 27

“To God Be The Glory” for the Great Things He Has Done

"To God Be The Glory" for the Great Things He Has Done 1

We oftentimes use the phrase “To God be the glory” when we experience something miraculous. We either surpassed a trial, overcame a great illness, or simply achieved something in life. The extreme happiness radiating from our hearts urges us to be grateful to Him who can do so many wonders in our lives. However, considering Him as the source of everything, He deserves all our praises at all times. Whether or not we’re going through something, we still have to glorify Him. Each time we opened our eyes in the morning, we need to glorify Him for the gift of life received. Even if we didn’t get anything we desire, we need to glorify Him for the assurance that He’ll give us something far better at the right time.

A Hymn to Glorify God

The blind and talented Fanny Crosby penned the wordings of the hymn “To God be the Glory” at around 1872 and Williams Howard Doane provided its tune. The song was first published in 1875 on Brightest and Best,  a song collection of Lowry and Doane. Prior to its publication, the song was already popular in Great Britain through Ira Sankey’s introduction during Dwight Moody’s evangelistic campaigns. It was only in the 1950’s when the hymn gained wide usage in the United States. Thanks to Cliff Barrows who initiated it during Bill Graham’s Crusades. Since then, it was included in most modern hymnals and became very familiar to Christians all over the world.

Let this hymn lead us to develop an attitude of adoring our creator in every moment possible. Singing below is the late Andrae Crouch.

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Bill Graham, Dwight Moody, Fanny Crosby

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