December 1

When God Gives Us Mountains to Climb

For the maturing of our faith, it is not hills, but mountains that God helps us to climb and to conquer.

What good is our faith when its endurance has never been tested? Be it in the form of financial loss, broken relationships, loss of loved ones, or an incurable disease- difficulties and trials were never our enemies. Without them, we will never learn to persevere, to appreciate what we have, and to have the strength of character needed for us to be entrusted with greater responsibilities.

With that said, thanks to songwriter and singer Marty Robbins for not shying away from detailing the challenges he had been through. There is the early death of his mom after giving birth that led to his father to despise him, imprisonment for a crime he did not commit, and his wife leaving him with their child. As his troubles escalate, the singer now feels that he no longer treads hills, but is now required to ascend a mountain. This time he openly expressed his anxiety to the Lord. (And it is human to be anxious. Everybody does it at some points in life.)

Sometimes, we need a shot of this type of songs to wake us up to our insufficiency and helplessness. Our own strength will never be enough to see us through. We need God. With mountains used as a metaphor for misfortunes, we blame him for putting or allowing those mountains on our paths. But let us stop and think first. Does a good God create evil? I bet most of us will answer no. Evil does not come from God. Whether we realize or not, he has always been a ready help to anyone. Yes, even when we do not bother asking. He is gracious like that. First stop is the songwriter’s version – Marty Robbins.

“You Gave Me a Mountain.”

Another treasured rendition is this one of the rock and roll king, Elvis Presley.


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