December 21

“When God Dips His Love in my Heart” by Hank Williams Sr.

Did you miss listening to hillbilly gospel? Fret no more because we are bringing you back Hank Williams’ gospel songs!

Well, there is no need keeping you in suspense. Here is one remarkable song from our honky-tonk legend.

“When God Dips His Love in my Heart” by Hank Williams Sr.

Song’s Anatomy

Allow me to say folks that “When God Dips His Love in my Heart” is a clever title. It stirs interest from both the passive and the devout.

Then there is the witty description of what happens when God intervenes in a person’s life. Here, God is attributed as the author at work with the man being his masterpiece. First, there is an awakening and awareness of God’s love. In effect, the soul responds by receiving God’s words. That leads to a wanting of turning back from unrighteous living and a willingness to change as a new man.

Following the first verse comes a desire to tell everybody what transpired in you. Out of joy, you want to proclaim what Jesus did and will urge anyone who hears to welcome him as well. Sounds far-fetched? Well, not to those who have experienced it.

As for the part that says, It makes me laugh and it makes me cry,” it is a statement of the bitter-sweet memory that follows a believer for as long as he lives. Bitter because of the remembrance of his once poor state as a wretched sinner. Sweet because out of that helplessness came God to the rescue. Combined, the believer will set his ways to order not out of guilt but of gratefulness.

And since this is ‘good news’ expressed in a song, the perky melody is just fitting. Plus, it is a celebration of a spiritual birthday. (I’m sure you have one salvation song. This one by Hank Williams Sr. is my pick though.)


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