July 5

When Country collides with Military; Greenwood & Military Choir sing “God Bless the USA”

When Country collides with Military; Greenwood & Military Choir sing "God Bless the USA" 1

Happy 4th of July everyone! Let me take you back to one of the greatest versions of the song God bless the USA. This was performed by Lee Greenwood with the Military Choir. This happened between the NHL 2015 Winter Classic outdoor game in Washington, DC on New Year’s Day. However, the real treat came was when they performed impromptu in a space in Nationals Park.

Thanks to Gabrielle Dube who took the video and posted it saying, “After Lee Greenwood’s performance during the intermission, he met with the Military Choir to take pictures and it sparked an impromptu a cappella version of ‘God Bless the USA.’ Amazing!”

Currently, it has almost 47,500 views on YouTube. We feel like this deserves more as it is an awesome performance.

Here is the video for you to appreciate.


Reporter Lindsay  Simpson from Monumental Network also took notice of this monumental music performance. She saw it in an online show segment that is devoted to the Washington Capitals. She captioned, “Perhaps one of the most special moments of the day, however, wasn’t in front of any roaring crowds or big lights, but occurred in the tunnels of Nats Park.”

This video shows us brief scenes of Greenwood singing with the Army soldiers along with some of their comments.

On the Song

God Bless the USA is known to be Lee Greenwood’s signature song. It was released spring of 1984 in his album  You’ve Got a Good Love Comin’.  It was played at the 1984 Republican National Convention with the presence of Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan. However, the song gained popularity in 1990-1991 during the Gulf War, as a way to boost morale.

Furthermore, it became popular again after the September 11 attacks and during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It was re-released and made a comeback in the country music charts. Then on 2003, it was re-recorded where Greenwood also wrote a Canadian version. The song sold over a million copies in the United States by July 2015.


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