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“God Ain’t Finished With Me Yet”: An Inspiring Song

the bellamy brothers God ain't finished with me yet

God created us in a unique way that we may never understand. We cannot tell people how to be or live their lives since it’s different from person to person. However, that doesn’t mean we all can’t be who God wants us to be. We can be the person God is planning for us to be, it just takes time. Just like what I always like to believe, “We are both God’s masterpiece and work in progress.”

The Song: “God Ain’t Finished With Me Yet”

“God Ain’t Finished With Me Yet” is written and performed by the Bellamy Brothers in 2012. The single was part of their second gospel album, Pray for Me. They decided to make another gospel album after receiving good reviews from their first album Jesus is Coming. The second album contained 14 tracks that are all gospel-themed. The songs are inspiring and powerful.

About the Song

We all are sinners. We all did something that we are not proud of and it’s okay. We don’t actually have the right to judge a person on what they have done or about their past. All we have to do is be patient with them and hope that God is helping them. Like that of the song, the narrator blatantly admitted that he sinned and he feels like he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven by God. However, he knows that God still loves him. God is patient with him and is still turning him into someone beautiful and better. All the narrator asked is for people to just be patient with him and wait till God finished working on him.

Another thing mentioned by the narrator is the word change, and he said that change overnight is good, but in reality, change doesn’t happen that fast. It takes time when you want to change something. It even doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you get there and you are willing to change or do something.

“God Aint Finished With Me Yet” by the Bellamy Brothers is something you should listen to and reflect on. It’s great and it gives us hope that God is always working with us.

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God ain't finished with me yet, the bellamy brothers

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