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“I’ll Go on Alone” First No. 1 Song of Marty Robbins

marty robbins i'll go on alone

His first No.1 Song

Marty Robbins is a great country artist. He had 16 number one songs on the Billboard Country charts and had released 52 albums, and some of it entered the top 10 of the charts. It is impressive that the first time he released a song it already peaked at No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

“I’ll Go on Alone” was the first song he wrote and performed. He made it peak at the top of the charts when he released this song in 1952. The song’s performance on the charts made it popular thus certain country artists covered this song.

Cover Versions

The following artists covered Marty Robbins’ song “I’ll Go on Alone”: Webb Pierce in 1953, Faron Young in 1959, Hank Snow in 1961, Ernest Tubb in 1969, and Don Edwards in 2001.

About “I’ll Go on Alone”

It’s better to be alone than to be with someone who doesn’t appreciate you or wants to change you. You cannot call it love if you want to change someone, because love means accepting the person for who he/she may be. Marty Robbins’ song “I’ll Go on Alone” is a song about a man who prefers to be alone than to be in a relationship that doesn’t make him happy. He knew that even if they’ll be together and try their best, it’s never going to change. Being with someone who wants to change you for their own good is a sign that the relationship is not going to work out.

Did You Know?

Before Marty Robbins became a country singer, he began his career as a host of KTYL and KPHO-TV. He was also a race car driver. He had been competing since 1966. Furthermore, he hadn’t won during his racing competition on the NASCAR Cup Series, but he was able to have six top ten songs.

He died after his third Coronary Bypass Surgery in 1982 at the age of 57.

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I'll Go on Alone, Marty Robbins

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