January 2, 2018


Just as it is not necessary to always be quoting bible books, chapters, and verses in order to get godly principles across, so do the songs we feature under Country Gospel. So please, our dear readers, do not misunderstand or misread our intentions. Perhaps we can find a common ground. That is, if it makes all of us think more of Christ and it helps advance our relationship with him, then that is all we need to care about. May you cut us some slack in our choices of songs.

All of us have our denominational distinctive, political stances, and lifestyle preferences. Our differences should not divide us. Better, let us not look at our differences. Since nobody is an island, perhaps we can just try to see what we can learn from each other? We do not have to agree on all points in matters of faith. That should not stop us from appreciating songs of praise and faith we feature regardless of the singer’s past and failures.

With all that said, here is a rare video of three talented artists performing a song written by the late Mr. Glen Campbell.

“Less of Me” by Glen Campbell, Jody Collins and Hamilton Camp


From the title down to every line, any seasoned Biblereader can guess the bible reference behind “Less of Me.” It echoes and expounds those memorable words by John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin and forerunner.

He must increase, but I must decrease
– John 3:30 –

In context, it pertains to Jesus becoming more prominent and gaining more followers than John. Over the years though, preachers used the aforestated phrase to teach on emulating Christ’s character. We can be kind, less judgmental, be happier in the midst of troubles, considerate of others, hardworking, and humble.

Less of our selfish selves.

More in Christlikeness.


glen campbell, Hamilton Camp, Jody Collins

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