November 29

Reminiscing the Music Icon, Glen Campbell in his Last Hurrah

Living and dying are two good examples of our life cycle. In most cases, we need to say goodbye to other people, not because they need to go somewhere, but because they need to rest permanently. Thus, we need to understand that we need to go forward and deal with it. There is no right time in saying goodbye, but the best thing that we can do is to treasure every moment. Just like the last performance of Glen Campbell which was cherished by his loyal fans forever.

Turn Around, Look at Me

He sold more than 45 million records worldwide throughout his career and released over 70 albums. In addition, this fine gentleman is also known for being an actor, songwriter, and television host. Of course, I’m talkin’ about the icon Glen Travis Campbell or simply known as Glen Campbell. Anyhow, Campbell began his professional music career in the ’60s until he rose to fame and became popular.

Glen Campbell has a lot of contribution to the country music industry. Considering this, he received massive awards, and recognition. Campbell won three Grammy Hall of Fame Awards, a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Country Music Association Award, and an Academy of Country Music Award. This only proves that throughout his life, he played a big role in the music industry.

I’II be Me

“Gentle on My Mind” was released on June 1967. It was interpreted by the legend, Glen Campbell. Also, upon its breakthrough, the hit got a lot of commendation, plus it rocked the charts. Further, the song became one of the favorites to be covered by some artists.

Glen Campbell battled against Alzheimer’s disease, and it drastically affected his memory. In spite of this, he still managed to finish his farewell tour, and it ended on November 30, 2012. Even though Campbell was having a rough time remembering the lyrics, his loyal fans were there to cheer him up. A talented guy like him will always be remembered through his songs and influence.


Gentle on my Mind, glen campbell, Grammy Hall of Fame Awards, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

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